About Florian Home Stay

About the place

Nestled between the Sahyadris and the Arabian sea is the quaint and scenic beach village of Bordi. It is located about 14 km North of Dahanu, surrounded by lush green Chikoo, Litchee and Alphonso farms. It is the place where you would want to unwind, relax and rejuvenate your body cells for the tough life in the concrete jungles of city life. A three hour drive from Mumbai and Pune, Bordi is home to Warli tribe, “designated” ecologically fragile by the Supreme Court. It is like they are wrapped in time, whose life has not moved an inch, as if they are living life a few 100 years ago. Enjoy a life changing experience, learn about the cultures and art forms of the tribe, relax on the shallow, serene and pristine white beaches and discover life on the farm with a safari. We offer you numerous exciting ways to re-discover yourself, pause to enjoy life and step out fresh as the morning daisy.

About Us

Stay with a traditional Parsi family who have been in the business of horticulture for the past four generations, specialising in Chikoo and Litchee. The owner, Mr Shahrukh Irani lives in the palatial bungalow, located just opposite the effervescent Bordi beach. The bungalow, designed by eminent architect Nitin Killawala, is steeped in luxury, providing you with the perfect conditions for the de-stressing tour you have set out on. Select from six well anointed rooms with all modern facilities. Each room of Florian Homestay comes with an individuality of its own and are therefore identified by the name of flowers.